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    Unhappy sweat Irritating

    i try many method still cant recover my face..
    how to deal with allegic face..
    i been do some research like the cause of face sensitive..
    one of the main thing is the skin barriar been damage.. lost the protection...
    how to deal with it...
    and every time i din some body work... for some reason.. my nose and head part sweating a lot.. but like cheek area it seem doesn sweat...y is that...
    please guide me.. tq..

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    Couldn't quite get your questions but i guess you have rosacea and hyperhidrosis (excess sweating of the nose). This condition is quite common. Is excessive sweating limited to nose or the whole body (esp. underarms). You may try some antiperspirants containing at least 10-15% aluminum chloride hexahydrate in the night. Apply overnight and wash in the morning. You may also get stronger prescription antiperspirants from the derm. Other medications like glycopyrrolate and propantheline bromide can also help reduce the sweating.

    For limited area of sweating botox inj. can also be very helpful. If its bothering you a lot, its time to visit the dermatologist and get suggestions accordingly.

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    **cincailazy** Male

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    Oct 2013


    thank you for replying Doc Deepak.
    one question which is regarding to my cheek does not sweating.what is the cause of this symptom. how to cure it.

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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    I would suggest to avoid sunlight and apply a good moisturizer after showering.

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