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    Default Oily skin face wash and cleanser

    Hello every one.......

    im a girl of 22 years....... im using "johsons & johnsons deep cleansing wash and its face wash for oily skin"..........but im not satisfied with my skin starts getting oily after one hour..........will u suggest me any good face wash n cleanser for my oily skin..........make sure the products must be available in Pakistan........waiting for your replies......Thanks n Regards...

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    Well different face wash suit different people.the face wash you are using might not be helpful for other so it difficult say.. I use nivea face wash and it does control oil.If you are in pakistan you could find Clean and Clear allover so you can try it.See if it helps.Wash your face atleast 2 times with it.Steam your face 2-3 times a week.if your skin is still oily,dab your face with tissue to absorb the oil this might work..

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    I'm not sure what products are available at Pakistan. But I agree with Admin, using oil blotters would help to get rid of the oiliness. it won't really cure your condition but at least your face will be less oily. The paper wipes are very affordable and handy as well. I always make sure that I have a pack in my purse whether I'm heading out to the gym or having dinner with my friends. I even use it at home. Oily skin causes pimples so it's best to dab at your face throughout the day.

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    Do not worry. I have a homemade recipe that is not expensive, time-saver and also it works. Take the white part of an egg mix with 2 tablespoon of clay(mud), 1 tablespoon of oats and cornflour each, plus some rosewater too smooth the paste. Apply it on your face and avoid yoor eyes area. Leave for 20 minutes. Rinse it and there you have a new sofr, moisturize and oil-free skin. I'm sure you can get all this in Pakistan.

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    I would personally suggest you to go for natural remedies so that in the long run, your skin does not get affected by harsh chemicals. Cucumber is a natural cleanser. Mix cucumber juice with milk and use it instead of a cleanser to cleanse your skin regularly. If your skin is very oily, cleanse at least 4 times a day to prevent pimples on your skin.

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    Herbs and other natural products contain ingredients that may help you and provide good oily skin care treatment. Lime juice, cucumber juice and lemon juice are good for oily skin. Apply the juice directly onto your skin, allow it to dry and then wash off with warm water.

    To reduce the effects of make-up on oily skin, the juice should be left to dry and make-up can be applied directly on top of it.

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    Definitely use something that is a toner such as the lime or lemon that will help keep down the oil levels. They also help keep the skin clean and kill of some bacteria that might cause blemishes. Avoid touching your face with your hands and wash your hands frequently as well.

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    Try one of the following.

    1.Make a mixture of 1 spoon curd,1 spoon tomato juice, 1 spoon multani mitti, 1 spoon honey and little amount of kapur. Apply this mixture on your face.

    2.Apply a mixture of rosewater, lemon juice and multani mitti on your face and after it gets dry remove or wash it off.

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    OK maybe I am a dunce here but what are multani mitti and kapur? I am not familiar with those terms. Are those food items? One more question for those of you using honey in your preparations. I have been reading about honey and botulism. Is anyone concerned about the bacterial content in honey due to this? I know there is a big difference in it being consumed and putting it on your face but still........

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    Be careful about using too much steam as the high temperatures can dry out the skin too much. Dermatologists recommend against using extremely hot water on skin even for really oily skin. They recommend using warm water exclusively now.

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