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    Default Use of the Skincare Products : Eumosone-M cream, Rejuderm cream, Neoskin cream

    Can anybody tell about the use of these below Skincare Products?

    Eumosone-M cream, Rejuderm cream, Neoskin cream

    Please let me know

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    When used differently they can be prescribed in many dermatological depends on what disease or condition you use.... Basically neoskin looks like triple therapy (which I don't usually prescribed when diagnosis is clear), rejuderm looks like scar removal and eumosone is potent steroid (clobetasol)

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    EUMOSONE M CREAM 15GM is a corticosteroid prescribed for skin disorders including eczema psoriasis and lichen sclerosis The medication reduces the action of chemicals that causes inflammation and redness.

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    Of the several high end retailers of beauty products in London, I personally feel Sakare the best out there. It exquisite range of products is unmatched and some its items

    Like the Nail Kit are really easy on the pocket. Of all the products that I tried, I personally like the Gentle facial toner as the best.

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    use product for skin care. Melacare, Fair & lovely anti mask cream...

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