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    Default Bumps on penis shaft


    I noticed some bumps on the shaft of my penis about 2 1/2 months ago now and was hoping somebody here might have an idea what they could be. I think I may have noticed the area as being red/irritated for a much longer time, possibly a year, but did not look closely and notice the bumps until 2 1/2 months ago. I think i remember noticing dry skin along with the irritation when I first noticed the area, but I am not sure. I do not think it is herpes because the area has looked the same for so long, and there were never any painful or fluid filled blisters.

    I recently went to a doctor who said they are not warts, and thought it "looked like herpes" but didn't know what it was, and gave the swab test (negative), and also a syphilis test (negative). It seemed that upon closer inspection she commented that they were "hard", and gave me the impression that she did not give a very thorough look at it.

    Is it possible that they are just meaningless bumps, or possibly related to veins or psoriasis? I have dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis or whatever on a some other areas of my body and I also have some varicose veins.

    Also, I do plan to visit a doctor. Should I go to a dermatologist, urologist, STD clinic, etc?

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    Welcome to the forum scott. From the history you have given it looks like Lichen Planus of the penis. It surely doesn't look like herpes or less chances of HPV. But it is hard to diagnose just by looking at the pics. I suggest you to visit the dermatologist and he/she will help confirm the diagnosis and manage accordingly.

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