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    I am very worried about this rash?? not sure if this is the proper name, that is covering my back and chest. The pigmentation of them is brown and blotchy. i have no insurance and have put off checking on this for over a year now. At first, there were very few and i just attributed it to skin discoloration from the sun. And, I don't usually wear bikinis or look in the mirror.. I just always saw them there when washing, but didn't realize until now when looking in the mirror that they have become much more in number and have spread all over my back, chest and stomach.
    I would be so grateful, if someone could recognize this for me.. Is this simply a rash? or something more serious?

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    In my opinion, you should get the recommendations of your doctor. Good Luck!

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    With many phytonutrients, one of the greatest health benefits of watercress is to lower the risk of cancer.

    Most studies recommend that the daily intake of over 80 grams of watercress would generate positive outcomes.

    Watercress, along with other cruciferous vegetables, contains phytochemical compounds that encourage the body to enhance cellular protection.

    Some antioxidants in watercress, such as beta-carotene or lutein (which carrots contain much), have the anti-carcinogenic quality, which is beneficial for cancer prevention.

    On the other hand, vitamin C is an important part in the fight against oxidative stress.

    Vitamin C possesses the anti-tumor property as well.

    Folate is another contributor to this benefit. In fact, even though you increase your intake of folate day by day, it is not harmful at all.

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    It is a type of skin cancer that spreads outward on the surface of the skin. By contrast, "invasive" squamous cell carcinomas can grow inward and spread to the interior of the body. Bowen disease looks like scaly, reddish patches that may be crusted; it may be mistaken for rashes, eczema, fungus, or psoriasis.

    A growth related skin rash is caused by a malignant or precancerous condition that produces anomalous changes in the skin.

    A few developments and rashes can show disease or growth related issues. Now and again, the side effects on the skin are indications of a fundamental condition that should be distinguished and treated.

    Understanding these potential causes can enable individuals to look for restorative consideration for determination and treatment.

    Some noncancerous rashes can without much of a stretch be mistaken for tumor.

    Psoriasis is one such condition. Individuals with psoriasis will frequently encounter constant red patches of skin that may tingle or consume. The skin may turn out to be flaky or dry out and break. At times, this split skin will drain.

    Skin disease rashes may go up against a comparable textured appearance, and the skin may likewise break or drain. Skin tumor rashes will probably contain strangely hued patches of skin, not simply red. Raised somewhat blue or yellow knocks may show up on the skin, and the skin may have a waxy, sparkling appearance. The markings of skin disease are likewise more prone to be hilter kilter.

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