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    Default Rash on face

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help identify this rash I have on my face. I noticed it starting some time around July of 2012. My skin was pretty tan at the time so I only noticed that my skin felt greasy and looked bad at times. As we got into the winter, I noticed my face was red from the eyebrows, around my cheekbone, and part way down my cheek. Sometimes it just looked like my skin had a bit of a tan, sometimes it was bright red and looked a little raised. I began changing soaps, shampoos, ect. I've tried anti-fungal creams, corticose steroid creams, and metrogel. So far, the only thing that seems to help is Lotrimin. I've been using it every night consistently for about two weeks now. It keeps my face looking a little better, but it never completely goes away. If I put lotion on my face, the area turns bright red and my skin looks a bit raised. Other than the lotion and Lotrimin, I haven't noticed anything else that has created any type of change. I have always had greasy skin, but it seems a little worse since this rash started. I'm a 28 year old male and don't have any family history with any types of serious skin conditions that I know of.

    I took a picture of one side of my face to help identify this rash. Both sides are just about the same. I put lotion on it for the sake of making the rash noticeable for a picture. Without the lotion you can barely notice a rash.

    I'd go to a dermatologist, but I don't have health insurance and figured I would try my luck here first. If anyone has any ideas on what this is or other treatment suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


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    Hi Joe! Do your facial redness seems be aggravated by any external factors like heat, alcohal, spicy food. Do you see any dilated vessels under the skin? Do you have any associated eye symptoms?

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    Thanks for the reply, saiyan. I have not noticed it being aggravated by anything but lotion/moisturizer. There aren't any dilated vessels and I haven't noticed any eye symptoms.

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    Hi Joe!your condition can be rosacea, a chronic skin condition characterized by redness of face and stinging and burning sensation. There is no specific investigation to confirm the diagnosis, IPL laser seems to be most effective treatment method. So you can visit dermatologist, confirm the diagnosis and treat accordingly.

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    Default Simpe & Natural Solution for Red, Irritated Skin

    Hello Joe! Saiyan could be right, it does look like rosacea. More like acne rosacea. However, we could very well be mistaken. I can certainly see some irritation/inflammation going on with your skin as well as the rash.

    Since you say you don't have the means to see the derm right now, I have a simple, perhaps possible natural solution for you that's inexpensive and easy to prepare at home. It can help with a plethora of skin problems including , but not limited to, rashes, acne, rosacea, etc. (If that's the issue, here).

    Joe, sometimes skin can get irritated even if there's no real pain or discomfort involved. Some people's skin react differently to irritation than others. Because your skin is oily (greasy), red and possibly irritated as a result of inflammation, here's something that may be effective that you can easily do at home to comfort your skin and perhaps get it back to normal.

    Joe, I also want you to know that this simple recipe is great for oily skin, as these natural ingredients go right into the skin and absolutely does not clog pores, nor does it leave skin oily/greasy. FYI, these two ingredients are very inexpensive as well.

    Step 1-
    Purchase a small bottle of aloe vera juice from your local drug store, health food store or grocery store.

    Step 2- Also purchase a small 10 ml (1/3 oz.) Tea Tree oil from the same place.

    Step 3 -
    Now add about 20-40 drops of the Tea Tree oil to the aloe vera juice, seal tightly and shake well to mix. Apply and gently massage onto clean, dry, affected areas of skin two to three times daily until redness and other signs of irritation are resolved.

    Ingredient Functions:

    *Aloe vera juice - anti inflammatory, anti irritant, skin hydrator
    *Tea Tree oil - anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti irritant

    Joe, these two natural ingredients have been long established in successfully treating skin with various ailments. You don't have to worry about certain side effects as with most OTC creams and oral meds containing synthetic chemicals and drugs.

    These herbal ingredients treat the skin holistically and naturally, not just mask or cover the symptoms like most OTC creams and so forth. But remember, consistency is key here with using this simple, natural remedy. Blessings to you you in your efforts to address your skin's issues.
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    Thank you both for thr advice.

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    Skin Irritation is a common ailment encountered in the normal day-to-day life due to a variety of factors ranging from skin and food allergies to razor burns and even hormonal fluctuations. Whatever be the source of irritation, Mother Nature holds an array of home remedies for Skin Irritation natural treatment to get rid of this problem in easiest possible manner.

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    eat green and leafy vegetables
    eat more protein
    drink lots of water
    get 8 hours sleep
    put tea tree oil on rash
    apply olive oil
    stay away from sun exposure
    you can use aloe vera gel
    avoid harsh chemicals

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    Yes, treatment with essential oil do work. My friend Syria had the same issue. I suggested her to use essential oil like tea tree oil. It really worked well. The redness of the skin decreases and acne reduces slowly but surely. Essential oils like bergamot , tea tree , cypress are the best once to get out of acne or skin redness.

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    Aloe vera is best for treating rashes on skin because it contains strong anti-bacterial properties. It helps to reduce redness or itch. Aloe vera gel can be applied directly to affected area.

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