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    **Beatrix** Female

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    Default How can you remove forehead wrinkles without Botox or Forehead lift?

    Whenever I raise my forehead forms about 2-3 wrinkles and I want them to be gone.I look kind of mean and mad if I don't raise my eyebrows :/I don't want a procedure such as a forehead lift that will leave a scar in my hair, though.Can you possibly remove them with laser surgery?Or is there no such thing?

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    **Jayce Martin** Male

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    Skin Needling works wonders on those wrinkles, it repairs them! It works by bringing collagen back to the area by making a controlled lesion on the skin.
    Its very popular...

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    **Wang Xiang** Male

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    Mar 2017


    skin needling is equally effective for men and women??

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