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    Default What can I use to reduce the pigmentation?

    I have a pigmentation problem on my skin, which makes me uncomfortable. What can I use to reduce the pigmentation?

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    **Ruby Jackson** Female

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    Hi Sejal,
    I heard about some home remedies which can help you to solve the pigmentation problem.

    • Turmeric powder is mixed with cucumber or lemon juice and apply it onto the pigmentation area.
    • That can help to increase your skin tone and colour.
    • Apply a paste of milk and honey on affected areas.
    • You can also apply juices of certain vegetables like cucumber, potato, tomato etc.
    • Increase the Vitamin E in your body beacuse Vitamin E is also known as the skin vitamin.

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    Hello Sejal Sinha !!! Nice name

    Pigmentation can occur due to many reasons like sun exposure, hormonal changes, age spots or just an improper diet. The first thing you need to know is how to adjust your diet to include more nutritional foods and make sure you don’t get dehydrated. If you want to reduce skin pigmentation, there are creams and gels that you could use to reduce the pigmentation on your skin.

    Thank's Jayshreee
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    **P** Male

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    There are many recipes that use all natural ingredients you can use to correct this problem with time.

    It will take a daily routine, consistent work, and an open mind.

    However, if you decide to use natural recipes (which I recommend), one of the first things you will notice is how fresh and rejuvenated they leave your skin feeling.

    Here is a recipe for you to try out:

    1 tablespoon yogurt
    1 teaspoon lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon honey

    have a great day

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    **stellamandy96** Female

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    In order to control skin pigmentation you can use the following tips and even I have tried those.

    a) Take half potato and make it a past then mix half teaspoon of honey and mix properly. Apply that mixture on your face where the pigmentation is present and leave it for 10 min. Wash off with cold water and a clean with soft cloth. The tanning area of your skin will reduce and you’ll be glowing!

    b) With your fingers, gently rub honey into dry skin (make sure your hair is out of the way). Continue to rub in a circular motion (or any which way, it doesn’t really matter). Wash off with warm water and a clean wash cloth. You’ll be glowing!

    I hope it will be useful to you.

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    **jazzpollard** Female

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    May 2013


    Pigmentation is a great problem and I had also suffered from it..Now I m not having it because I had used these home remedies;
    Use dry orange peels mixed with yogurt. Apply this to the skin for fifteen minutes and then wash the skin.
    Another option is to use pureed raw potato. Some people swear by fresh lemon juice, and this does work to a small extent. Sandalwood Powder combined with lemon juice also works.

    I hope as these remedies had worked for me it will also work for you and you will be free from pigmentation.....
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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    **Tara** Female

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    Default Tips for Reducing Skin Pigmentation Long Term

    Hi there, Sejal. First, no matter what brand of products you use, there are three main factors which lead to the effective reduction of skin pigmentation. They are:

    1. Exfoliation - To remove dead, discolored skin cells, which in turn, will allow active skin lightening ingredients to penetrate skin more quickly and effectively.
    2. Skin lightener - To reduce hyperpigmentation (dark spots and patches, uneven skin tone)
    3. Sun protection - To protect treated skin from sun damage which leads to hyperpigmentation

    Sejal, it is important to remember that no matter what skin lighteners or exfoliators you use, without proper sun protection, it is a waste of time. Why? Because as you exfoliate and lighten, which is great, the sun will darken your skin and make it appear as though the products you're using, aren't working.

    The sun will not only darken your skin, but will cause your skin to prematurely age with fine lines, wrinkles and worse yet, skin cancer.

    So please be sure to look for a sun block that has the following characteristics according to your skin type(oily, normal, combination, dry, etc.):

    * At least SPF 20 or higher

    * Has broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays (UVA causes skin discoloration, wrinkles and skin cancer. UVB causes sun burn)

    *Contains a broad-spectrum, natural, mineral sun blocking agent, zinc oxide (also a soothing and calming agent for skin)

    Also, Sejal, be sure to stay away from toxic ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid and alpha arbutin (I have an explanation as to my findings on this if you like). Try to look for products which contain the following effective, safe and natural skin lightening ingredients:

    *Azeloyl Glycine

    *Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (stable vitamin C)


    *Emblica fruit extract




    *Glycolic acid (exfoliator, not skin lightener, but aids in skin lightening ability of products)

    *Mandelic acid

    *Pearl powder

    I've created a product that both exfoliates and lightens at the same time for a two-in-one punch, but since I'm new at DT, it won't be revealed until I'm granted a signature here. However, do a little research on Google, Bing, etc. to investigate your options based on the info I've provided to you in this post, if you wish. The research will be well worth it and your skin will thank you many times over. Blessings in your quest for great skin!
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    Apply a good moisturizer.
    Apply Sunscreen whenever required.
    Drink lots of water.
    Honey is also best for reducing pigmentation.

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    **rechal** Female

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    Even though pigmentation is not life treating but it directly affects the confidence of a person. The best method is to treat it naturally. You can use eucalyptus oil with jojoba oil. Add 2 tsp of eucalyptus oil a cup of jojoba oil. Every day massage it to the patch of skin which is pigmented. Also have healthy diet plan which should include almonds, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Also drink a enough water. Essential oil for skin is the best remedy for treating pigmentation's and skin issues.

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    The Pigmentation may be treated by:-

    · A bleaching cream which contain Hydroquinone with Tretinoin cream, this helps to fade the pigmentation.(apply until the pigmentation fades away).

    · Laser treatment helps to erase the skin discolouration.

    · Avoid exposure to the sun rays for a longer length of time.

    · Use sunscreen lotions daily with SPF-30.

    · Use mild soap or mild cleanser as a face wash.

    · Fruit cream contains lactic acid, and Glycolic acid, these could be used directly to do facial to nourish the skin and remove pigmentation.

    · Temporarily you can Camouflage pigmentation with cosmetics.

    · Apply castor oil once daily before bath for 30 minutes and wash your face with mild soap

    · Stop the use of creams, lotions or a facial cleanser which irritates the skin or you get allergy.

    · Apply a face pack of Multani meetti (yellow mud) with rose water.

    · Extract of aloe Vera also helps if applied regularly.

    · Have plenty of water to remove the toxins from your body and have glowing skin.

    · Wash your face with plain water or rose water and let it air dry.

    · Rub raw papaya juice or ripe papaya pulp on the skin, it helps to lighten the dark patches on your face .

    · Rubbing a slice of lime lighten the pigmentation of the face, arms and legs.

    This pigmentation is extremely stubborn in nature and are really hard to get rid of but not impossible. Sticking to some home remedies for a long time really helps.

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