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    Unhappy Weird rash only on one hand, comes and goes. Pic included.

    Hi, I'm Dan, 22, I just joined up here.
    Can someone help me determine what this rash on my right hand might be?

    I first noticed it on the underside of my wrist about 3 years ago, it has since slowly moved to the top of my hand somehow. I haven't worn a watch on that wrist for years, or anything that may be the obvious cause. As far as I know I don't have any allergies, but it does seem to be spreading very slowly across the top of my hand. It seems to come & go, sometimes it very red an inflamed, and sometimes it's barely noticeable at all.

    People keep telling me it looks like eczema, but I never had eczema when I was a kid, and it only appears in one place on my body.

    Any help on how to identify and threat this would be great, Thanks.
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    hi Dan! welcome and happy holidays. Wanna ask you few questions. Are the lesions itchy or painful? you said the lesions started from the wrist ,what was the morphology of lesion initially, did it start as itchy vesicles filled with fluid or pus or just red inflammed region (as it is not very clear from the picture), what was the arrangement of the lesions?What is your occupation?

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