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    Default Is bleaching bad for hair

    I am a dusky girl with lots of facial hair. I get them bleached instead of waxing to avoid the pain, but lately I have come to know that bleaching is very bad for skin. Please suggest any other way to deal with my facial hair.

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    you can do permanent hair removal..

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    For excessive facial hair, you can use some permanent hair reduction treatment. Now days, advance technology like pulsed light therapy is available. This is the safest, painless quick method of getting rid of unwanted hair. After 5-7 sessions, hair density reduces remarkably.

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    The bleaches sold in the market are all chemicals. However, powder bleaches are better than cream bleaches. The only natural bleaches are off the kitchen shelf like lemon juice, oranges, the lactic acid in milk and milk products, etc. but if used only once a month and for not more than 7 to 10 minutes it serves more than one purpose. It lifts the tan, takes off the dead skin cells and bleaches the soft hair on the face. This softens and brightens and definitely boost your confidence.

    Another way is laser therapy. Though it is not guaranteed of 1005 success, it is a very reasonable option.

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    yea i guess bleaching is bad..

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    bleaching is bad! the chemicals will make your skin look unhealthy. but if you must, try bleaching no more than once a month. or you could also try waxing and/or threading.

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    i recently heard that bleaching creams might cause skin think before you use.

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    yea don't use it often i also heard it causes cancer..

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    oh thanks all for your reply..i tried every natural bleaches but never worked.i guess i must go for permanent removal.

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    Uh oh.. I've been eyeing the Sally Hansen bleaching kit the other day. Good thing I red this post first! I have a lot of dark hair on my arms and sometimes I'm very self conscious about it. Removing it with a cream will make it grow back thicker in my experience so I considered bleaching.. I want to have laser hair removal too but it's too expensive for me.

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