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    Default Fine crpe paper-like wrinkles

    I actually caught a virus that caused fine crpe paper-like wrinkles to appear on the top of my hand, and then the rest of my body (with these wrinkles looking very much like those found in mid-dermal elastolysis).

    The wrinkles on the top of my hand look like this:


    As the virus I caught unfortunately spread to friends and family, the same fine wrinkles appeared in these other people also (after around 12 months or so with the viral infection).

    This virus (which is probably an enterovirus), also caused a number of other chronic symptoms, including:

    Chronic sore throat that never fully heals (but many don’t get this).
    Constantly congested nose/sinuses/post nasal drip with unusually thick mucus.
    Depression and low mood.
    Generalized anxiety disorder – anxiety which can get very extreme.
    Powerful psychological changes and cognition disruptions.
    Loss of desires and sense of pleasure (anhedonia); loss of libido.
    Social withdrawal – escaping social activities more and more.
    Loss of drive and motivation (athymhormia).
    Memory problems, both short-term and long-term recall.
    Unusual sleepiness and a tendency to fall asleep more.
    Chronic fatigue – notable loss of energy.
    Stomach aches and pains, with stomach / bowel rumbling.
    Pins and needles (paresthesias), especially in the legs.
    Receding gums — a sudden onset of periodontitis, with brown plaque appearing on teeth.

    Thus if you have several of the above symptoms in addition to the fine crpe paper-like wrinkles shown in the picture, you may have caught this virus.

    Details of this virus can be found on the website I set up to describe it here:

    Specific details about the fine crpe paper-like wrinkles produced by this virus can be found here:


    I hope this helps.

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    **Breonna Jackson** Female

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    Thank you so much HIP. Thanks for sharing this!!!

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