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    Default How to have shiny and soft hair that is not dry?

    My hair is only smooth and soft after I shampoo and condition.

    On days where I don't shampoo my hair, my hair will become dry and very messy? It's not "strand by strand" and not shiny neither.

    Any home remedies for nice and shiny hair?
    Plus what can i do to make my hair grow faster?

    Thanks alot of the help! =)

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    Hello, Theirs not really something that works. I hard of this product Propecia that helps you grow your hair. It's not easy to find something that will work.

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    ^It certainly is difficult to find things that will work! Some people are just in it for the money. *sad*

    As for home remedies, you could try coconut oil. I don't normally like those weird "oils and herbs!" ideas, but lauric acid actually has an affinity for the keratin in hair, and it can penetrate and strengthen. I assume it smooths down the cuticle, too, because my hair is always very manageable and reflective for a few days after I use it.

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    I like to use coconut oil occasionally to give my hair a deep condition. Using a little amount would work on keeping ends moist. I have also read that argon oil used sparingly on the ends helps. I've read lots of positive and nothing negative but have not yet tried it myself.

    Everyone's hair grows at a set rate and although this does vary from person to person, having healthy hair will help promote growth. There is nothing that will 'make it grow faster'.

    Hope this helps.

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    Soft & shiny hair comes from your good genes. it actually a heredity, because it lacks luster, and it is soft but no shine.

    The stuff you do to your hair is damaging and it lacks shine & softness if it's got chemicals in it. You're also doing too much on your hair and it is polluting it. Straightening tools, bleaching, Paul Mitchell products, but positive for using wide tooth comb!

    Blow-drying your hair for 5 mins (that's how long it takes to dry my knee-length Asian stick straight hair). If your hair is long, use two towels if you have to, so you can dry it less time.

    hope this help....

    Good Luck!

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    For healthy hairs healthy diet is must. Eat green veggies. Drink plenty of water.
    You can apply yogurt, egg liquid as conditioner for your hairs!!

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    For shine and softness of hair use products that don't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. Although Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is derived from palm and coconut oil, it has been linked to skin irritation and hair loss. Try to use natural ingredients because they will restore your hair natural oils to your hair and are relatively easy to find.

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    Really forum participation platform is not less interested than going gossip with friends groups. It is enjoyable and helps us to resolve the problems that we have been going to face, since long time.
    Overall good thread.

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