hi group. its all coming back with a vengeance. the creams im using, including the medicated cream, is not working at all. i had been taking some natural supplements that i do believe were making me better, but it was also making my blood work come back better, thus unable to find the root cause of this. so, at the suggestion of my dermatologist, ive stopped taking anything related to helping swelling, and thats been going on for a few weeks now. my dr wants to do more blood work and have me see a 2nd dermatologist (local one). i will be doing that next week. im hoping with the increased activity of this, that something will be found. i did have a false positive (so they say) of lupus, though i was diagnosed with a trace of lupus years ago. this week i got a really bad rash in my groin area that i got cleared up this past week. for whatever reason, i started chaffing there.