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    If your eyelashes fall away naturally, they will grow again in the course of time. A skin problem or an accident may also deprive you of your eyelashes. Consider surgery and eyelash transplants if you intend to grow back your eyelashes. Here are some guidelines.
    Difficulty: Moderately Easy
    Step One
    Find out about a qualified dermatologist from your friends or relatives or online specialist search services.
    Step Two
    Ask the dermatologist whether the loss of your eyelashes is permanent. Inquire about the ways to grow back your eyelashes and the time it will take.
    Step Three
    Discuss with the dermatologist if transplants would be beneficial. Prepare for the surgery, if needed.
    Step Four
    Get a prescription from your doctor to grow eyelashes in case of skin problems, especially after an accident or surgery.
    Step Five
    Note that only your doctor can recommend medication that is appropriate for you. The results will vary depending on the condition.
    Step Six
    Eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy body, particularly your eyes. Eat more green vegetables and raw fruits.
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    Overall Tips & Warnings

    * If you have lost your eyelashes accidentally, consult your eye surgeon immediately. You may even use fake eyelashes temporarily.
    * Avoid using mascara as it makes your eyelashes hard and brittle.
    * Do not pluck your lashes as it may reduce the chances of regrowth.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful ~~~
    I wish you the best

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    Thanks for these tips. Including these tips, castor oil, aloe Vera and lemon peels also helps to grow the eyelashes faster.

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    use coconut oil will have the same function but the fastest way. However, it make your eyes feel uncomfortable. So I think if you want to try, you should apply it right before going to sleep, avoid the situation that is not convenient for you

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    Very useful tips you share. Olive Oil really works good for grow eyelashes. You can also used this as an eye makeup remover.

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