The title pretty much says it all. I went to a dermatologist today for some bumps I thought were eczuma related, today. They have recently spread in the last 2 months. Before spreading, I remember 2 of the bigger ones being on my hand and arm for 6 months, maybe even a year ago. It turns out they are flat warts. I counted, and there are a total of 15 of them on both of the tops of my hands. Which isnt too bad I realize, but I want to do everything I can before it can spread. My dermatologist has given me Veregen ointment I need to put on twice a day. I have a few questions and am open to any advice. So hit me with any advice you may have!!

Question #1. I have read that it is directly related to my immune system. That to successfully conquer these warts, my body will need to get to the point where it can fight it off, however the virus will always be in my body. Is this all correct?

I purchased olive leaf extract and some multi vitamins that contain most of the vitamins necessary to ward off warts, and am planning on starting to take them daily to boost my immune system.

Question #2. Since I have had the virus for quite some time and it hasn't spread to other parts of my body. Will it? I've read that different strains of the HPV virus only like to occupy different types of skins on certain parts of the body.

Question #3. If I partake in sexual activities/foreplay/just being around a partner, what are the chances that they will contract the virus?

This is extremely frustrating, but I've read so many mixed things on the internet. I'd really just like someone to set the facts straight?