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    Default Inno Peel for Pigmentaion

    Hello, I am new here so would like to share few things regarding my skin conditions and my journey throughout.
    Let me start with my story, two years ago I had severe acne problems, so in-spite using so many medications finally with few Fraxel Laser (4) and few Chemical peels (6) my problem got a solved. I really got good skin then, later after few months...I started get a dark patch on my side cheeks.....let me tell you I am the regular user of good sunscreens and what ever it takes to protect your skin.

    And, just before my wedding those dark patches got worse and they appeared in all almost all the photographs lol though covered with good amount of concealer and make up nothing works. Again later when I wanted to start treatment I was carrying, so imagine, pregnancy my face looked more medications, no creams and those two patches on my cheeks spread almost my forehead and my chin area. After 6 month of my delivery I visited my dermatologist, she declared my problem as "Facial Pigmentation" (occurs coz of hormone imbalance) and she kinda suggested this world class Inno Peel..which was left on skin for about 6 hours. It did not peeled completely but a part around my chin. I was desperate so gone for Inno peel and prior to it shez given me a kojic acid dipalmitate (product name : clearz ultra ).

    I am not sure that these scars get faded that will take a long time....plz comment and if you wanna know more let me know....suggestions accepted lol :P. I have shared this so that may be if you wanna try Inno peel or know about inno most of them might have nor heard about would like know you views...

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    It is about the cosmetical treatment on the body whee people want to take it. many benefits or side effects of pigmentation in it you must know about all these include the list.

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