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    Default Is this Ichthyosis?

    Hi. Can anyone identify for sure what this is? Here are some photos from July 15th.

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    hi Jules!
    First of all i would like to ask something ,for how long are you having this problem? do you have some other associated symptoms like weakness,fever, pain, itching,tightness of skin?do other member of you family also have this type of problem,how old are you?are you on medication like systemic steroids?

    From the pictures it seems like rare type autoimmune connective tissue disease to me.I would like to suggest you to see the dermatologist have immunological markers tested as well as tissue biopsy done to make the definite diagnosis.

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    hi saiyan! ive had this problem for about 8 months now, and it started at the bottom of my left ankle, and now as u can see, has spread to most of my body. im tired all the time and have pain, itchiness of skin, and tightness of skin. no one else has problems like this, and no im not on any steroids. im 43 and had a full hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. does it look like ich at all? or is ich a connective tissue disease? im going to a specialist (dermatologist) today for it, and will make sure i ask about the markers. could it be acquired ich due to an autoimmune disease?

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    heres a new album. im tracking this every week. its been spreading more and more, and rapidly. luckily i went to an ich specialist on monday, and he did say he did not think it was ich, and they did do a biopsy. i will know in the next day or two what it is.

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