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    Default Filling the lines.

    Dermal fillers are becoming the latest craze among those who want to erase their ‘laugh lines’ and other wrinkles. They provide more natural look than cosmetic surgery with minimal risk and less discomfort. Fillers promise to restore a youthful appearance by plumbing up areas that have, with aging, lost fat and other structural components. Though it is not time for me to use dermal fillers but I feel, dermal fillers are good alternative of botox.

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    yup these are getting popular these days..but one should be aware of its complications too.. some complications that might but not necessarily occur might be bleeding (if someone is taking asprin and there might be infections and allergic reaction.. so before you this consult your good specialist..

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    Are these something you can buy at a store or something you have to go see a dermatologist in order to get to use? I have not heard of these and am interested in looking into this further.
    Do they work on the lines of puffing up the skin to make the lines look less pronounced?

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    you are right 010081, I have also heard that all fillers have potential risk, including allergic reactions, bleeding, swelling, redness, brushing, bumps, scarring, infections…but it is better to start with a more temporary fillers to see the results before proceeding to a longer-lasting one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starchild47 View Post
    Do they work on the lines of puffing up the skin to make the lines look less pronounced?
    not everything. you can not fixed lipstick lines and jowls. it even does not stop the aging process.

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    Nothing really stops the aging process. It is something that we have to live with to some extent. However we all want to look our best for as long as possible. I realize these are sort of stop gap measures but I always like to know how things work and what the premise is behind them before I go out and try something.

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