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    **RosieBell** Male

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    May 2012


    I hate wrinkles, hate the crow’s feet, smile marks, forehead marks and so I bought a revolutionary product few months back which has helped me cut down all ageing issues. Promaxyl is for everyone and works for everyone as from my personal response. Would love to suggest the same-

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    **Rachel** Female

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    May 2012


    skin needling with a topical vitamin A is good to break down the scar tissue , vitamin A helps to stimulate collagen.

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    **** Male

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    Beijing China


    • Vitamins – Our food supply is depleted, our food doesn’t contain the quantity of vitamins and minerals it as soon as did.

    • Water – We have to have fresh, pure water to remain healthy. Regrettably, most of our tap water is no longer drinkable, mainly because it contains all kinds of harmful substances.

    • Food – Despite the fact that our food supply could possibly not be the most beneficial, we can still ensure to eat as a lot healthy food as feasible.

    • Natural Skincare – When you actually desire to eliminate wrinkles rapidly, you need to get natural skincare goods that function.

    Also, if you try the derma roller together, if will e perfect!!

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    **watson** Male

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    How to Keep Away Forehead Wrinkles:-

    1:- Drink approx 64 ounces of water daily, it makes your skin younger and good looking.

    2:- Use fresh foods to full fill the requirement of Vitamins A, C, E and K. For example- You can find vitamin C from Citrus, vitamin A from Spinach and dairy products and vitamin E from green vegetables.

    3:- Hydroxy acids are good for your forehead. You can find it from sugar cane and milk. It is responsible to encourage collagen production in the skin

    4:- Take wrinkle associated prescriptions according to dermatologist. To skin cell regenerations the Retin-A based creams are well-liked today. As a result, new skin cells are formed quickly to replace older or damaged skin cells.

    5:- Protect your skin and stop wrinkles by wearing a high SPF sunscreen, regardless of the weather. Choose any product or cream which offer guard against both UVA and UVB rays.

    6:- Choose an anti-wrinkle cream that is correct for your skin type and use it at night.

    7:- Make a distance from smoking. It is also a big reason for Forehead wrinkles so stay away from cigarette smoke.

    8:- Take enough rest every night. At least you need to take seven hours rest each night to keep skin young-looking and healthy.

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    I looked at the site and although the soap's ingredients are fine I don't see how it will reduce wrinkles. Most natural soaps are olive oil based. The essential oils are good but are not necessarily used for anti-aging. I am sure it is a good cleansing soap but I wouldn't use it on my face.

    The only scientific proven product to reduce fine lines and wrinkles is retin-a. Natural butters and oils are great for your face and will help keep your face soft and smooth.

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    **frank brooks** Male

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    Those bothersome wrinkles in the forehead that we all get as we get a bit older come primarily from the repeated movement of the forehead due to expression, these are called dynamic wrinkles. It is impossible to prevent these, but we are able to get rid of them very nicely with a little Botox. The main goal in doing this is to eliminate the deep wrinkles and lines, but not eliminate facial expression. There are too many people walking around who have overdone the Botox and look like the Stepford wives with frozen or flat expression. It is very important to go to a well-qualified and well-trained cosmetic specialist for this treatment. There are serious adverse side effects if Botox treatment is not done by well-trained and specialist physicians, so select your doctor carefully.

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    Yes Botox will take care them for sure. It only is injected around the eyes and forehead. If you want those wrinkles to go away around your mouth you will need jervaderm. I agree with frank and have said it before go to a highly recommended doctor and do not go to the less expensive just to save a few dollars

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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Nov 2013


    Egg mask is also a good way to tighten forehead skin. Shea butter help keep skin hydrated and smooth your skin.

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    Aug 2013


    You are facing the same problem like my friend.She used many creams and at last she tried ******** anti wrinkle cream and get rid of wrinkles. She told me that there are no side effects of this cream. I think you should also try this miracle cream.

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    **Stevan** Male

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    May 2015


    Hi lucy your true there are certain scientific researched products from dermalogist available in the market, my one of friend recomends me to use solvaderm brand products.

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