First things first: I hope I put this thread in the correct spot! If not, accept my apologies and feel free to move it. Thank you!

Anyhow, somebody brought up a video that Michelle Phan uploaded recently (about frozen cucumber juice pads) and it reminded me of an old natural recipe I used to make all the time. Well, I started making my recipe again, but now I'm a little concerned/curious about a few things now that I've actually sat down and thought about it.
I need an outside opinion! Any insight anyone might have would be greatly appreciated!

This is the recipe:
First, I make a pretty strong infusion of oats and green tea in distilled water and add a dash of glycerin. I let this cool to room temperature. Then I soak round cotton pads in this, one at a time. After squeezing, I lay them into a ziploc bag, not overlapping or stacked, and freeze them. After they are frozen, I shake them up to break apart any fuzed edges, and put them in a smaller bag. I keep them frozen and just grab one to use as a toner pad every morning.
They come out very yellow, so it looks like a bag of chips, lol.

These are my concerns:
First, I've heard that chelating agents are all but necessary with botanical extracts, and while this isn't technically an extract and I don't have a preservative or chemical antioxidant, do you think I should be adding some edta to the liquid to keep it more stable? (While it's cooling and/or after it's on my face?)
Also, does anyone think the carbohydrates that leach into the water have the potential to feed facial bacteria? If so, what would you recommend I add to this as an antimicrobial? I haven't had acne problems any of the times I've used this recipe, but I can't tell if that's just because of all the others ways I care for my skin.
Does anybody know of any damage I might be doing to the nutrients in the liquid by freezing it? I already know that I'm not getting optimal amounts of anti-oxidants etc. by using this method, it's just a cute little natural thing I do mostly for fun. And to reduce morning puffiness, of course. For the life of me, I can't find any actual data about the temperature stability of something like this. Most of the info. is about the freeze/thaw stability of emulsion systems, and that obviously doesn't help me in this particular case.

If anyone has any ideas/solutions/random thoughts about this procedure, please let me know! If you have any questions I need to answer before you can answer my questions, please ask!