Im almost 30, have SUPER SENSITIVE skin and I have been suffering from acne problems for as long as I can rememberand! UGHH how lovely! Plus, I've been super stressed the past 6 months and of course... my acne REALLY increased yay.. NOT! I've tried everything from tetracycline, a cream from the dermatologist, different home remedies, proactive and it seemed like no matter what, nothing seemed to work and I would just break me out even worse... how weird?! Then last week I decided to try something new once again, what could I have to lose? I bought a 3-step face washing kit through herbalife and I could not BELIEVE how clean and glowing my face FELT immediately. Within two days of using the kit my husband asked what I've been doing differently because my skin looked so much smoother and healthier (how sweet of him to try and be nice about how horrible my skin had looked prior lol.) Anyhow, I told him what I was doing and how I had started using the skincare line and hecould not believe that my face was looking better than it had in a LONG time and rememeber I had only been using it for a couple days! Now a week into it my skin is really feeling refreshed and amazingly clean. Its like it started clearing up over night and those last couple blemishes are starting to clear up! YAY I personally purchased my kit through the website
It is a NouriFusion Skin Essential Product. Can't wait to try out the other things and let you know how they are working. I would DEFINITLEY recommend this product to ANYONE who has tried everything.