I see many peoples can't figure out their skin lesions,whether its macule, patch or any other lesions like papules postules and so so... As Dermatology diagnosis is based on direct vision of your skin lesions rather than your symptoms or something.. so if you know what type of lesion actually you have its easier to diagnosis and further manage in this virtual internet world.. So i'm going to list some common lesions of skin here.Just see which one is yours and ask questions accordingly so members will find easy to help you out..

The most important type of skin lesion includes Macules and Patches,papules and Plaques,Vesicles and Bullae,Pustules and Nodules.

Macules and Patches: The term Macules and Patches refers to flat areas of discoloration.without any discernible changes in texture.Macules are 1cm or less in diameter,while Patches are greater than 1cm. in size.

Papules and Plaques:The term papules and plaque refers to elevated,palpable skin lesion,in which the breadth of the lesion exceed its thickness.Pauples are small 1cm or less in diameter,while a Plaque exceed 1cm in size.

Vesicles and Bullae: The term Vesicles and Bullae refers to fluid-filled spaces within the skin.Vesicles are less than 1 cm in diameter,while Bullae are greater than 1cm in size.

Pustules and Nodules:A vesicle or Bulla containing purulent (pus) fluid are called Pustules.A nodule is a solid,rounded skin lesion in which diameter and thickness are roughly equal.