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    Default face scar problem

    I got acne before located at the left side of my face and since the acne was gone it made scars to my face. I wanted to make my skin firm again but dont know what to do? I wanna know how true it is that if I go to derma they can fix it or put another skin to my face to cover the scar and brings back to its original look.

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    it depends how deep and wide is your scar. if your scar is just superficial acne spotting, trying some bleaching agents like hydroquinolone may work. if its deep laser might be good. I see people using retinoids to fade scars but sure about it.

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    it is probably because you are pregnant that your skin is getting some acne. all will fade. you were using a natural soap weren't you. just keep using that and use the sunscreen. after the baby is born may be you can use some skin peels like lactic acid peels. but wait until the baby is born.

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    Do not put too much force when you're cleaning your skin. It will just trigger the scars and the scarring might become worst.

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    It is generally a temporary condition, severe acne can leave a scar problem that can last a lifetime. A cosmetic dermatologist can provide a variety of procedures for acne scar removal or reduction. Microdermabrasion, deep chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing have all been shown to effectively reduce or eliminate acne scars. The right acne scar removal treatment for each patient depends on the degree of acne scarring, skin type, and other factors. A cosmetic dermatologist can recommend the procedure that is best for you.

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    The treatment you do actually depends on the severity of the scars. Sometimes, the dermatologist would recommend a chemical peel or dermabrasion on the scarred area. If you have had scarring from previous attacks with acne, you might want to try one of the following:

    -Laser resurfacing.
    -Fractional laser therapy.

    One thing to avoid when dealing with acne scars is fancy lotions of masks. However, all the treatments for getting rid of acne scars will take a very long time to show any result.

    Some people believe that acne can be cleared from tanning beds. The UV rays from the tanning beds helps to dry up pimples and output clearer complexion.

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    Aloe Vera extracts is a great to deal with acne scars.Moreover, after you have moisturized the scars,gently massage the tissues in circles that will really beneficial.

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    Hi Chinee!

    Like what members mentioned here, the first best thing to do is to assess how deep the scars are. Treatment creams, soaps, and other skin agents may possibly work for superficial ones.

    But if it's deeper, you may consider consulting a dermatologist. Usually scars brought by acne may take a series of treatments before it resolve.

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    I would follow Brenda's advice and wait until after the baby is born. Congrats on being pregnant BTW I didn't know.
    After the baby is born and you have finished breastfeeding, if you choose to do that, I would then see how the scars look and start with non surgical procedures to see if it helps.

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    Default Derma e Scar Gel - natural way to get rid of scars

    Hi, I have this issue too, just scars left from acne and I used the derma e microdermabrasion scrub with the scar gel and my skin is clear now! I also take lysine, and i'm not sure but i think it helps skin heal faster... either way, something is working. I still get pimples and bad ones, but when it's clear, its very clear. dermae and try the clinique post-blemish remover also, I tried that for a bit but it got expensive.

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