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    Default Anyone know an easy way to remove skin tags?

    Has anyone tried the Heal Skin Tags by Healing Natural Oils? If so did they work? and how did it take.... and if not, does anyone know a good way to remove them with over the counter i can get at walmart... without cutting or tying a string or dental floss around it?

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    You are smart not to try to cut or tie it off. You allow for infection and you need a Dr as well to examine and make sure it's nothing more serious.

    I don't think I've ever seen a topical treatment for skin tags. I'm open to more experienced advice.

    I've only ever had one skin tag and it fell off on it's own.

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    i had a skin tag on my eyelid. my opthamologist cut it off with a pair of scissors! i am not suggesting anyone do this but he didn't even put anything on it. he told me by the next day it would be almost healed. he was right. if it bothers you see your doctor. if it doesn't leave it alone. it will go away itself or be pulled off by your clothes or seatbelt from the car. that is how i actually got rid of two on my neck. they got caught in the strap over my shoulder from the seat belt.

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    The method for removing skin tags using tea tree oil is simple. You just have to wash the skin tag and its surrounding areas with soap and water and leave it dry out. Then take a Cotton ball and soak it in water and put three drops of tea tree oil on it. You'll then have to rub it against the skin tag. Do this three times a day for a couple of days until the tag falls off.

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    Default skin tag removal

    well I had a large one so the doctor tied it off which cuts off the circulation and it just fell off. The little ones I just snip off, use sterlized equipment. Cant say I have ever heard of tea tree oil to remove skin tags, interesting, I will try it. Also ran accross this book Mole, Wart and Skin Tag Free in Three Days was thinking about getting it just out of curosity but will have to wait till after the holdiays

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    I think you have to go to your Dr and she can remove them.

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    i think best way to remove skin tag is see doctor and just cut it off or burn it using electrodesiccation method with no bleeding and immediately healing multiple skin tags.

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    Have it cauterized by your dermatologist. However, there's still a chance that these skin tags would reappear after a couple of months or years. To prevent this, you can use Retin A regularly (after your skin tags have been removed and healed).

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    Yes Gesmarty, I know about a product which is use for remove your skin tags. Use Lofty Laboratories products which is formulated under the dermatologist supervision.

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    Heal skin tags don’t work to our expectations. A friend of mine was
    terribly disappointed with the product and recommends not to use it. Another tag removal product that suited her
    was Tag Arrest. I have been hearing a lot of good things about it lately.Try checking it out at
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