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    Default Warts or Basal Cell Cancer?

    Hi there. I have a few small bright red bumps on my head that won't go away. I can't remember how many I started with or if I spread them from shaving my head. Although I have had a CT scan in the past along with dentist X Rays I don't believe I've had an excess amount of them over the years. Plus the bumps are on places on my head where sunlight doesn't often reach and has never been sunburnt. They're spread out on different locations on the top of my head. They don't hurt or bleed at all and I wouldn't even worry about them except they're bright red. They're the size of a pin head except for one that's a bit bigger and they're raised off the skin to make a perfect dome with perfect outlines. Are there warts like this? This has only been happening recently (6 months or so). I can take a close up photo if you'd like. If there's a possibility of them being warts what would the best treatment be? Thanks.

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    warts usually aren't red. they could be moles. they might have already been there before you shaved your head. this is something a doctor should look at. basal cell cancer usually looks like a pimple that won't go away with a black center. my daughter got basal cell carcinoma from a tanning bed. my brother in law got his because he works outside in the sun and never uses sunscreen. his was on his nose. he had to have some cartlidge taken from his ear to help reshape his nose. you can't tell he had surgery now. please see a doctor.

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