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    Great tips, this are really great for mommies like me, almost all you need are just at home.

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    My nails grow but I end up biting them off does the green tea or whatever work or what does work and how often do your nails grow.

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    i bit my nails for years. your nails still grow the same even if you bite your nails. i know you are a guy but if there is a spa or nail salon near you, get a manicure. not polished but have your nails trimmed, buffed, and once your nails look so nice you can stop biting them. nail biting is a hard habit to break but you can break it. will power. don't grow really long nails. they get in the way. try the manicure on a weekly or bi weekly routine. when your nails get to look nice you can stop. first you have to break the habbit of bitingl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jameyab View Post
    My nails grow but I end up biting them off does the green tea or whatever work or what does work and how often do your nails grow.
    I always used to do this. Whenever my nail would grow past the tip of my finger I would bite it off - that is until I heard this: think about what is under your nails. think about how many times you've gone to the bathroom without washing your hands after. fecal matter, dirt, grime, germs, bacteria, they all live under those nails of yours. When you bite them you are putting all of that nasty goodness in your mouth! Not to mention I started noticing grooves in my nails where I would rest my teeth when biting. I already have prominent ridges so I don't want to make them worse.

    The is for nail fungus mostly, at least that's what I use it for. I imagine you could soak your finger tips in it and the smell and taste would deter you from biting, and if you slip it's not a HUGE deal as long as you're not sucking on your fingers lol! This form in the link is not meant to be ingested at all but I have seen plenty of oral products containing tea tree oil by this company so I figure it can't be that harmful if you were to get a little in your mouth.

    Anyways, hope that was helpful!

    P.S. - NEVER tear or cut your cuticles! It open you up to infections because cuticles are there to protect, so just use an orange stick (manicure tool) to push them back when you have to.
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    I think the last tip also help the mens as they cant apply nail polish so applying colorless base coat could be easy for them and rest tips are also very helpful .

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    Will definitely try that lemon scrub, sounds wonderful! & I'm sure my friends and famiily will like it too.
    I can't reccomend a foot rub enough, whether you're doing it to your own feet or you're lucky enough to have a partner to do it for you!
    Once a week just pay them some attention, set aside 15 minutes ro rub and massage in a thick moisturising cream, and pop on some socks. you'll feel so relaxed.

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    thanks for the tips !

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    You have to clean your nails and leave your nails without nail paint at least one day in a week.

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    These are very useful tips for caring and protecting nails.

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    Always apply good brand of nail paint on nail.

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