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    Default Lemon juice really works....

    Hey everybody

    I just wanted to share my story to a BEAUTIFUL EVEN skin....

    Every night for the last 3 weeks I have been going to bed with lemon juice on my face and in the morning I wash it off with my home made scrub, I use the scrub 3-5 times a week every morning (but I also use the scrub on my whole body when I shower everyday)....This made my face more even and all my blackspots are gone and my face is just glowing, and im just CHOCKED off the result because I never thought that I could get my face to look like this good and even with the use off natural stuff from the kitchen....

    The lemon juice is a natural bleach and it really works. I even use it on my body when ever I get a black spot that I want to get rid off.... I really know how it feels to hate your uneven face with at least a 1 000 different colors, but know after the use of the lemon juice on my face and body I love the way my face looks and I feel much more confident, and I really hope that this will help everyone as much as it have helped me...

    I saw results after 5-9 days and after 2-3 weeks I saw BIG changes on my face and im very pleased with it, I got the idea from [ Link Under Review ] and it really have helped me in many ways, they give very good Ideas and tips when you subscribe to ther free e-book they’re giving, I havent tried everything yet, but i will stick with this tip for now..... Now finally my face matches the rest of my body, hahaha....

    This is my recipie for the homemade scrub I use on my face and body::

    It all depends on how much scrub you want, for the scrub to be good the sugar have to be more then the water. The scrub is not suppose to be like water its suppose to be thick...

    So all you need is:

    Suger and water, hehe....thats it...

    Massage the scrub on to your face gently not to hard because the face is very sensitive and wash off the scrub with cold water. And it’s good if you use a moisturizing cream after you washed off the scrub in the morning...
    Please be careful with the lemon juice so that you dont use other creams or gel on your face while using the lemon juice, b/c lemon juice is a natural bleach after all...

    I also use lemon juice on my lips sometime then they start to get dark I hate that, any one else that have any good ideas on what to use on your lips for lighter lips?

    I have a lot off other tips if your guys what to know, just let me now

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    Default lemon juice

    lemon juice is really helpful for our skin...if you have some dark spots or any kind of spots then do try lemon juice and i am sure it will help to remove any kind of spots from your skin..

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    Lemon juice is mildly acidic, so it may sting or temporarily irritate your skin when it is applied. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive, dilute the juice with water and use a cotton ball or your fingertips to apply it to your skin.

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    Lemon Juice is good for person. It works as anti aging also.

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    Lemon juice also helps in removing dark spots.... Its a good element for skin care.

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    i don't think i would use a scrub everyday. once a week should be enough. you might make microscopic tears in your skin and even though right now your skin looks good it might not be so good later.

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    I agree Brenda. A facial scrub should not be used every day. There is no reason to use it more than once a week. If used too often you will be harming your skin not making it better.

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    I drink hot lemon water everyday, just boil the kettle and add a fresh slice of lemon. Really good for you inside, cleansing your system. :-)

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    I've used lemon juice before, too. It did a good job of tightening up my pores, and my skin didn't seem to be as dull either. I used it as a toner underneath a moisturizer, without dilution. Definitely cost effective!

    I don't think it'd ever use sugar as a scrub, though. I usually use epsom salt instead. I'm just too paranoid that I'd be feeding the bacteria on my face and I'd break out.

    But for everyone that this is working for--more power to you! Everyone's skin is different.

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    Really lemon juice is very useful as well as helpful to remove any kind of spots from your skin. Keep it up.

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