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    Default Please Help: flat moles appearing on face

    Please Help: Skin Experts and Dermatologist: small moles dot size on my face appearing prevention and removal

    OK. so i have small little FLAT moles forming on my face pencil dot size i never had this during high school its been 3 years since high school and i have a few on my face, i have a balanced diet, i sometimes takes bronkaid and caffeine only medication i use. theres 3 that are quite bigger then dot size. anyways is there anyway to remove them without them being pot marks, maybe small tiny fading scars. thanks for the help.

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    use sunscreen, see a dermatologist to be on the safe side. flat moles are usually safe and very common. but i would see a derm anyway to make sure they are nothing to worry about.

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    I agree with Brenda, why dont you just go to a trusted dermatologist for s/he knows best. Always remember safety first. And also nothing is impossible now a days be patience and have your moles done for you to feel good and worry free.

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