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    Default it is never too late to try anti aging products

    the best one as you know from every comment here is protection from the sun, either with clothes and hats or sunscreens. i am not out in the sun much but i do try to use sunscreen even on days when i am only out for a half hour. i think i probably look my age but i don't have any deep wrinkles and my smile lines show because i always give a smile to people. it is never to late to start a regimin. can you please tell us here what you do on a daily basis to help fight aging on the skin?

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    I normally go to a derma clinic every time a feel awkward about my skin. I regularly have facial. Or perhaps you would like to try a body massage, to help you feel better. For it is stress free and very helpful not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. By doing all of these I assure you, you will feel a lot better about yourself. A more younger new you.

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    Sunscreen should be worn indoor and outdoor. Just find a sunscreen with higher SPF when going out. Aging is inevitable but growing older gracefully is very achieveable.

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    Has anyone ever heard of Skin Vision? I picked some up at a tanning salon and I have only used it for a couple of days, has anyone seen results from this?

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    I have never heard of Skin Vision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by y34963 View Post
    I have never heard of Skin Vision.
    Neither do I.

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    I use Excel Skin Care's brand. Hydra Pure B-5 and Peptide Renewal Complex are excellent products. Get firmer, younger looking skin but keep using it to get results and keep them.

    Go through the amazon store for the lower price with free shipping.

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    Yes, Excel's products are very good. The peptides are excellent products for wrinkles and anti aging.

    Do take advantage of the low price through their amazon with free shipping.

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    The best way to deal with the aging process is to treat your skin with a basic care regime. Since the skin looses its suppleness after a certain age, its best to ensure that adequate nourishment is provided to the underlying surface and the inner system. When you eat fried stuffs and junk foods, it reflects on your skin. When you sleep less, then also it show on the exterior. So, when you eat healthy, that should show too. Try and eat boiled and healthy stuffs at least for some part of the day. Consume small helpings of your favorite foods and flush it down with water. That should take care of the excess sebum production.

    And yes, an SPF based creme or lotion should be applied whenever you happen to moisturize your skin. Ensure to carry adequate water and cotton swabs to soak the greasiness on the skin surface when moving out during the day. Using excessive skin products will only cause dryness. This will furthur give rise to fine lines and wrinkles.

    Remember to take adequate rest for at least 8 hours each day. Exercising is also a great way to keep the outer body surface toned and healthy.

    Never splash water more than twice daily. Water contains oxygenative elements which oxidize the inner cells of the skin.

    Keep away from smoking and excessive drinking. These aggravate aging of skin exponentially.

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    yes, you are right. It's very too late to start the regimen. You can rub vitamin E on the wrinkle and DIY some natural facial mask. It can not irritate your face. Anyway, a woman should love herself. We should love ourselves.

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