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    Does smiling really make us younger than ever. What would be the explanation behind this. DO we really need to smile to preserve our youthfulness? DOes it really help us to look young?

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    i don't know if it makes us look young but i know if you smile at people you usually get someone to smile back. that is totally better than always frowning. sometimes a smile can make a persons bad day start to go good. i admit i am a smiler!!!

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    I don't think smiling makes us look younger just happier and more approachable. If you smile at people they are more apt to be friendly towards you and you would like them better than someone who frowns all the time. Frowning makes people look mean and perhaps that may make them look older. I would rather have laugh lines on my face than frown lines.

    I am a smiler too. Life is too short to be miserable and frown all the time.

    So Chinee, smile at your baby all the time, he will be so much happier!!

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    Thank you friends dont worry I will always smile. mwuahh love you guys.

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    Teeth has become a huge phenomenon. A white light smile is one of the first things people comment on your performance.

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