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    Default What kind of body care do you like the most?


    I am wondering what do you like the most, body creams, body butter creams, or creamy lotions?

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    actually i like all three. depends upon how my skin is acting at the time. some day when i can afford to splurge on myself i am going to shop at your website. money is very tight just now so i have to watch every dime.

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    Sure and I will be glad to send you a few free gifts

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    Well, like what Brenda said, it really depends on how your body will react on such. But still I think I am more convenient in using body lotion or body creamy lotion because thats the most common stuff that a woman like me should have or its a must thing to complete your kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Elements View Post

    I am wondering what do you like the most, body creams, body butter creams, or creamy lotions?
    I like to use all three depending on the season. I live in a dry area and cold in the winter so I use mainly body butters during the winter and during the summer I use the creams and lotions.

    When I go on vacation to a hot area I don't really need much at all other than my face products. I only use a touch of body lotion after my shower.

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    I prefer lotions as the lightest ones. I have acne-prone skin and it doesn't do well with thick creams and butters

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    I have sensitive skin I want to know some tips to know what my skin type is and a best solution to avoid irritation. Anyone her is expect? Please post a reply..

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    BUTTER CREAMS gets my vote! )

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    Butter cream is by far the best in my opinion

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    In my opinion body lotions are best. Pangea Organics Hand & Body Lotion is the good one product.

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