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    Default My baby has rashes

    My baby has rashes and I dont know what to do? he has rashes to his face and all over his body. Does any of you know what to do in order to get rid of it. Please Im so worried I really need help.

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    You should take him to a doctor as we should not recommend anything for a baby. It is probably a minor skin rash but from my experience with children it could be anything. He could have allergies, etc. that only a doctor could diagnosis once it is looked at.

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    Hi chinee,
    Wash baby's clothing before it is worn and avoid using baby products in the early months. Check diapers frequently and change diapers immediately when wet or soiled.

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    use antiseptic products for him which can help to remove germs

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    My baby has nappy rashes,
    Hey guys clothing Nappies are good to use or diapers are good to use that time please suggest me.

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    It is normal that in the early days the few years days old baby develop skin rashes. But most of the rashes are harmless and go away on their own. I would say take your baby to the doctor and go for test.

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