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    Default Does foundation or make up sponge produced warts?

    I recently went to a derma clinic and had my warts removed. I stop putting foundation because the dermatologist said I should not wash my face for two days. Now is the second day of it and Im planning to put foundation again tomorrow if its already gone. The question is does foundation make virus to the face? For I , wanna know if foundation is the cause why I got warts? Or does make up sponge do spread those warts?

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    could be both. once the sponge is infected it can contaminate the foundation. if you use a fresh sponge everytime i think you are okay. i am saying this is a possibility not a fact. foundation itself doesn't cause warts.

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    Well it might get infected so avoid using anything for atleast 2-3 days. Nope foundation doesn't cause warts. Its not just make up sponge, anything directly or indirectly could spread the warts, so avoid touching it especially now, when the skin is opened and exposed.

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    I see thank you.

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    i think the makeup sponge is the cause of warts.... bec once it is affected it cannot be repaired...
    so do not use any makeup for more than a day or 2...........
    it can also b due 2 atmosp where u do makeup.........
    so keep the area cln and neat.........

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    Try mineral makeup. There are many out there and they are wonderful. You never have to worry about contamination as you do with a liquid foundation as they are all minerals and you don't have to use a sponge or your fingers just a really nice brush. The minerals are put into the top of the container for use and nothing ever goes back into the original container hense no contamination.

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