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    Default My baby always smile when he sleeps

    Im wondering why my baby always smile when he sleeps? And is that normal? Perhaps any one could give me an advice about it? I wanna make sure that my baby is fine and healthy. Thank you.

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    it is usually gas. We think babies that are a few weeks old smile but it is usually just gas which is absolutely normal.

    Where you live are there support groups for new moms? Most cities and towns have them and they are great. You would be around new moms and will gather all kinds of useful info as well as make some long time friends with women that have children the same age as yours. I believe you would benefit a lot from these groups. Also if there are community health nurses around they are always very helpful.

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    oh sweetie, your baby is normal and i think he is doing wonderful if he smiles when he is asleep. my great grandson smiled on day 2 of his life. it really doesn't mean they are smiling they are just using their facial muscles. i am sure your baby feels very safe and secure while he is sleeping. you will notice he will do something different every day. all moms worry about their babies. but you are gonna be a great mommie.

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    Thats absolutely normal. Almost every babies do smile during sleep.

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    Thank you so much guys.. I feel relieved.

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    Yes,its normal..Babies do smile during the time of sleep.

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    My son did it a lot and I thought he was smiling but as people said its muscle memory coming into play and brain is learning so much at that age. Just amazing seeing babys adapt so quickly to this world!

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