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    Default Warts - a common problem

    Warts has become a common problem now-a-days. Does virus cause these warts? Doctors suggest different methods too for the successful removal of the warts. It is more common in men I suppose. Any reflections?

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    I agree with you, me too has it. I have cured it before but now it keeps on coming back again. Warts that cause virus can be passed through skin to skin contact like in towels or shoes. We usually see warts on the face, hands and feet. I wonder if we have more advance medications to really avoid these warts to come back over and over again or to prevent it from multiplying.

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    I have a brother who also have the same problem as yours. His warts keeps on coming back, but it never came back on the same place where it was located before.

    My father said there's a wart remover, I forgot the name. It's like a band aid that you have to cover on the warts and it that band aid will be removed automatically if the wart is already removed.

    If you are sure it is a wart tell your doctor next time you see him/her. Most warts do not need to be treated medically. Most warts disappear on their own. If you are not sure and wonder whether it may be something else, go and see your doctor to have it checked.

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    I have no idea how common a problem warts is. Do you have the stats?

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    I'm not that familiar with warts, but my sister had those when she was in college, she used a cream to treat it, it was called oxy-fend zero warts, after several days of using it, we saw the warts drying off eventually, it work well for my sister, try to use it to,

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    @Julia: I agree. Oxyfend Zerowarts is effective. I've also used it for my genital warts back in college! Hmm... Though it is still advisable to also see a doctor while treating yourself.

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