I have two different skin conditions:

Molloscum warts on my forearm probably caught at my local gym which are VERY itchy. I then went and had about 20 frozen off and they began to get VERY VERY itchy, I scratched in my sleep...they spread..I now have about 30 more to freeze off.

I also have Lichen Planus on my ankles, around my waist, over my back and my groin. Doctor diagnosed it. I am too young for this I'm not yet 30 and this is supposed to hit women in their mid-life! Its an autom-immune disorder where basicly my skin is attacking itself. The best way to deal with it apparently is a mixture of letting it take its cause- anything from 6 months to 5 years! whilst using strong steroid cream and anti-histamines. I am doing all that and still the itchiness drives me mad.

The next option is to try to reduce my immune system as its my immune system which is causing the rash and causing it to spread so fast. Trouble is, with the warts which are also spreading and driving me mad, there is a virus which is causing it and the way to get over that is to boost the immune system so it can fight the virus.

This has gotten me very confused and at the moment my life feels like a real misery. I'm getting like 3 hours unbroken sleep a night as the itchiness is worse at night. It really kicks in at 4am. I have read this is a hormonal thing rather then having time to think. I have plenty of time to think in the day and don't itch to anywhere near the same degree.

Has anyone had anything similar to this? I know stopping the problem is now beyond me, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I have to let my body sort itself out and giving it vitamin suppliments or trying to shoot my immune system down in order to cope with either the wart virus or the lichen planus is not going to help as the other condition will flare up accordinly. I am now just trying to sort out a way to get rid of/contain the constant nightly itching. I just want to sleep!

I have tried many things.
The steroid cream (1%) used to help, no longer does. I am wary that more steriods will thin the skin and this has its own worries. I am also aware that I could just find that I get used to that steroid cream and start a vicious cycle of dependancy for it.
The antihistamines used to work but no longer do. Doctor gave me some stronger ones but they do nothing to help at all. I will have to ask for something stronger but am wary that I may not find something that works as I have what is considered "very strong" yet it doesn't work and the condition spreads.
I have tried (on my arms where the molluscum warts are) eurax with 10% crotamiton BP, Eucerin with 10% Urea, Fungal creams, E45c (hydro cortisol cream), which hazel, tea tree oil, lavender oil, parafin oil based creams, anti-bac "kills 99% of bateria" gels, medicated talc, washing in a saylicit acid based facial wash....its been several weeks. Nothing works, nothing! I am finding the arm thing worse at the moment and its so bad I find it takes hours to fall asleep- like I don't fall asleep 'till gone 6am by which time I have cried several times, applied several coats of various creams, washed my arms several times. I just want the itching to stop! I want to be able to sleep!

At the moment I am lucky. I have had the Easter off and can sleep in so catch up on my sleep- its far less itchy after about 8am for some reason and I can fall asleep and stay asleep. I can't do this for much longer, a week away and I will have to be up at 8am rather then falling asleep at 8am. I need some solutions so I can sleep at night rather then writhering around in my bed in an attempt to stop myself scratching to spread things and make them worse. I am somewhat in a losing battle as the little scratching I am doing is making a difference and both conditions are spreading very quickly.