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    Default Stages of the skin cancer.

    Cancers go through distinct periods, phases, or stages in their growth. The process of determining the stage of cancer is called "staging." Advanced cancer that has spread needs treatment quite different than localized cancer growing only in the original tumor site.

    Skin cancer is "staged" by information obtained from various tests. Doctors usually divide skin cancer into two stages:-
    1) localized
    2)and metastatic.

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    There are three ways that spreads cancer in body:
    1. Through tissue .
    2. Through lymph system.
    3. Through blood.

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    Go to below link and get a Stages of the skin cancer images.
    [ Link under Review ]

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    Thank you all of you for your advice.

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    I think the best way is to go to your dermatologist and have a skin cancer screening. It doesn't take long and is completely painless. Then, if something looks suspicious, your doctor will do further investigation. But then you'll at least know for sure what you're dealing with. Typically these screenings are covered by your family health insurance. It's better to be safe than sorry, you know?

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