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Thread: Hair Care Tips

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    Default Hair Care Tips

    Hair Products (Gel, mouse, hair spary, Hair Straighteners...)
    Avoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out hair.

    Avoid puting hair styling products directly on your scalp, if you put it on your scalp you'll clog the pores on your head.

    Before entering a pool, wet your hair so your hair will soak up the initial water instead of the chlorinated water.

    When swimming where a cap to protect your hair from chlorinated water, if you choose not to wear a cap make sure you shampoo and condition your hair right after you are done swimming.

    Hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting.

    Don't leave the blowdryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair.

    To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towell and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.

    Gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle any knots while your hair is drying.Then you can use the hair straightener to make your hair beautiful, silky hair.

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    I have heard, and experienced that diet also counts when it comes to hair fal and etc. It is good to eat Eggs, Vitamin C, Fish, steamed chicken, green salads,dates,low-fat cheese, yogurt and low-fat milk. Consuming good amounts of dried fruits and cherry juice means that you are increasing your intake of iron. It really helps prevent hair loss.

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    I believe most harval treatment for my hair.Applying hair mehendi once per month with egg and curd is best for making smooth hair and control the hair damage.Thanks.......So let's a try.

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    Beautiful hairs is the dream of every women. Shiny, healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy body, so it's like two for the price of one. Nutrition is the key to healthy hairs. Nutrition is the most effective way of getting awesome hair!. Just like your body, your hair needs a balanced, nutritious diet rich in protein, minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. some are gifted with naturally beautiful hair while others needs extra care for improving and maintaining them. So, don't you worry and follow our recipes and tips to manage your Crowing Glory, and be amazed at the difference it makes!.

    Cleansing, providing nutrition and beautification are some of the basics of hair care. Since different types of hair demand different ways of care, using a shampoo and conditioner specific to each type of hair becomes essential. Not every shampoo works for everybody. You might have noticed that the same brand of shampoo has various products for various types of hair.

    Indian Head Massage
    HEAD MASSAGE is a beautiful relaxing treatment practiced for thousands of years. Performed seated it is excellent for stress, headache and eye strain, it also stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation, increases supply of fresh oxygen and glucose to the brain, expels toxins and waste material from the upper body, reduces muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, restores joint movement in the neck and shoulders, encouragesd lymph drainage from the face, rejuvenates mind and body & sooths the nervous system

    Punk Hair Style
    Contains many cool hair punk style resources. Click here if you are looking for cool hair punk style ... punk thing happening in ... hair with long, shaggy bangs, some rich pigment Manic Panic streaks, or a modern Mohawk. Black eyeliner and a cool ... Men's Style ...

    Hair Braids
    Some important hair and scalp care is necessary for those donning the stylish braids. Dabbing a bit of sunblock on the scalp is critical to preventing sunburn. To keep braids in great condition longer, a light coat of conditioner on each one should do just the trick.

    Hair Extension
    There are a lot of different types of hair extension that are used for hair extensions. There is Human Hair Extension and Synthetic Hair Extension . Synthetic hair is used to add the high fashion colors, such as pinks and blues. Hair extensions are safe for your hair. They do not damage your hair. In fact, they even increase hair growth and hair follicle strength.

    Hair Brush
    Beautiful Hair is an asset for any woman. Some are gifted with naturally beautiful hair while others have to really work hard on it. If taken care of, they can add to your beauty. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep and even as you sleep, there are many factors that can lead to hair breakage. Therefore, Hair Brush is very necessary for getting beautiful hair.

    Hip- Hop hair
    A Complete hair care Routine for you including ---> oiling, washing and conditioning. Here are a few basic care to a great crowning glory!

    Hair straightening tips and technique
    Hair straightening is a technique used to eliminate curls and reduce wavy hair in which the basic structure of curly or wavy hair is changed to a straight form.

    Hair Shampooing
    Shampoos are designed to cleanse the hair and scalp, removing dirt and grime without stripping away too much of the natural sebum. Get all the tips on smapooing your hair. Know the right method of shampooing the hair.

    Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipe
    Hair Conditioner is a way of giving the hair the nourishment it needs to look good. The hair follicles receive nourishment from the bloodstream, but the hair shafts ceases to receive nourishment by way of external care. Learn here useful Hair Conditioner Recipe.

    Hair Mayonnaise
    Mayonnaise is a great conditioner for dry hair. Hair conditioning is a way of giving the hair the nourishment it needs to look good.

    Nads Hair Removal
    If you use Nad's hair Removal consistently over time your hair will be gone. Because your follicles eventually give up leaving you completely hair free, thanks to Nad's. With each Nad's treatment, your hair becomes softer and you will feel less discomfort.

    Laser Hair Removal
    Laser hair removal uses a low energy laser. Beaming the laser on small areas of your skin basically destroys the hair follicle and impairs its growth. Laser hair removal is done by beaming a specified wavelength of light from a handpiece into the skin, where it targets dark material (usually the pigment in hair).

    Sona Laser Hair Removal
    The Sona laser hair removal professionals use several state-of-the-art lasers to ensure the best results for patients' differing skin and hair types.

    Henna hair dye and Henna paste
    Henna is the most popular natural colourants. It is easily available and easy to use. It conditions hair and has great protective and restoration powers. Such quality have made henna one of the most versatile ingredients.

    Your Brushes & Combs
    To get the most natural-looking streak-free blush application, hold your brush by placing your fingers just above the metal section of the handle.

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    Here are some hair care tips, which are essential for our hairs:

    1. Oil massage is essential for good and healthy hair. It restores the normal acid alkaline balance of the scalp.

    2. Drinking water will work to achieve healthy hair. It helps the hair to shine, reduce the brittle strands and helps to grow at a rapid speed.

    3. Proteins and vitamins are essential for healthy hair. Proteins make hair become more voluminous as it helps to hair development. And vitamins are not only essentials for your hair but also for your body as well.

    4. Right wash is also important for healthy hair. As some people, damage their hair during washing. One should not massage the shampoo or conditioner into their hair. This cause frizzy and dry hair that result hair loss. Therefore, when you wash your hair you should wash it gently.

    5. One should avoid curling hairs with irons and hair dryers to prevent hair loss. Also, avoid heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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    i see, oil massage makes a lot of help to our hair. i will put that in mind, i going to im going to start it tonight.

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    I have rather wavy hair that is inherently dry for no reason. I've tried many "moisturizing" shampoos and conditioners but was always still left with frizz. The Shielo "Color Protect" Conditioner is the best thing that's happened to my hair in a long time. I've tried other combos and this is my favorite. It cleans and moisturizes so that I can even let my hair air dry and it still looks great.

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    Here are some more tips:

    Hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting.

    Don't leave the blowdryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair.

    To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towell and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.

    Gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle any knots while your hair is drying.

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    Thank you for sharing this hair care tips. I usually went to pool and I forgot to wet it in a normal water.

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    Hair care is most important on daily basis to have soft and silky hairs.
    These tips are really good for hairs and definitely gives good result on following them.

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