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    Quote Originally Posted by skoler33 View Post
    do your homework folks.... every hear that expression "fear the unknown..."

    here some facts on the SCIENCE:
    The Wash-On encapsulates the sunscreen in tiny silica shells and bombards them with protons. This gives the silica a positive charge that allows the sunscreen to cling to a negatively charged skin.

    and that info is on their website... Please give me an example of a products website that does not try to sell it.

    i thought this forum was to discuss NEW or good products that we use... DO SOME RESEARCH folks... don't JUMP to conclusions like AGELESSONE. Contact KLEN and ask them, be skeptical, be intrigued i was, and was given the proper info with SCIENCE to back it up, not someone's off the cuff remark. God forbid someone comes up with an IDEA that no one else has thought of..........
    Ask KLEN about their product? Gee I wonder what they will say????
    There is no real science behind the silica pos/neg charge mumbo jumbo.
    There is a reason no one else is talking about this lame product and a reason it only has ONE LINK ON THE INTERNET!!!! Even if it did work, a SPF 15 is too low a rating. I'm done with this sheer nonsense. Blab away more if you like.
    Folks, for the sake of your skin, don't fall for this joke of a product. Not that I think you ever would. Your smarter than that.

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    okay guys play nice. lets stop the sarcasm and end the argument. you both have had your say. ok?

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    Default have you tried ever tried josephina olivadotti's skin care products?

    she was behind those popular branded products in the market but she made her own one after over 40 years in the business!

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    I can honestly say the very best anti-aging product comes in the form of a tea bag. It might sound weird, but I've seen a lot of improvement in my skin tone from putting brewed tea bags around my eyes and on my cheeks. You have to make sure you allow the bags to cool off sufficently before you put them on your face. I also like to freeze the bags (after being brewed) and then place them on my skin. Hope this helps.

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    Interesting. Never heard of that treatment before!

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    Green and/or white tea is great for the skin. You do need moisturizers as well. You can also brew your tea and put it in a spray bottle for easy use throughout the day as a refresher. It can be brewed fresh everyday. I make mine spritzer tea a bit stronger than I would normally drink.

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    Default Best Anti Aging ProductS-Regimen

    I believe and have heard from research and via dermatologists and from friends who have beautiful skin that Anti Aging is a process and one must have a researched "regimen". Basically, one will include the following. Each step may very, depending upon the individuals skin type and budget.

    Cleanser w/ a PH less than 5.5 (so that the Vit C can be applied following and properly "do it's job"
    Vitamin C - I make my own so it is fresh and I know the consistency but Skinceuticals makes a fabulous C and E formula and the Cellex-C brand of C is great
    Wait at least 15 minutes and use a moisturizer
    Finish off with an appropriate Sunscreen

    Use a Retin A or Retinol product, depending upon what your skin can handle. Retin A and Renova are prescription, though there are a few inexpensive places to purchase these online. Retinol is in many OTC products, including Roc Multi-Corexxion Cream or Serum
    Finish off with a good moisturizer



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    You got it Empowers. That is basically my routine too. One thing I would add would be to use an exfoliator at least once a week. I use a micro cloth which works great.

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    Default Yes, you are correct!

    Yes, I am interested in purchasing the micro cloth... I have heard wonderful things about it.

    Cheers to great and youthful skin !


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    Quote Originally Posted by y34963 View Post
    There isn't one skin care product that will work the same on everyone. Unfortunately, it is kind of like trial and error. What works for me may not work for you. It depends on skin type. Perhaps if you let us know what your skin is like we will be able to help you.

    The one product that is a must for everyone though is a very good broad spectrum sunscreen. It should be used every day, rain or shine. Those darn rays come through those clouds and winter days just as much as on a hot sunny day.
    Couldn't agree more... Revitol eye care works well for me but might not for everyone. This is well said. Great question though. Keep that moisture in.
    From my experience Revitol Eye Treatement is a great all around skin care moistener. Hopefully it will treat you as well as it has treated me. Everyone is different though. My skin is on the oily did. Which i hate but would probably dislike dry skin more. Never satisfied lol.

    I double posted sorry. Trigger happy i guess.
    Last edited by Dr.Deepak; 02-18-2010 at 05:27 PM. Reason: Double post

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