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    Default Hand Make-Up

    To tone down red colouring in the hands, mix either green or violet moisturizer with your hand cream before application. Both of these shades reduce traces of red*ness in the skin. Remember, too, that if you hold your hands up, the blood will drain down from the fingertips and the hands will become much paler. Avoid popping hands in and out of pockets or the make-up may rub off and mark your clothes

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    Thanks for that tips but I think your explanation about your topic is kinda blurry on the part of the reader. Maybe next time just do it straight to the point. Well, for me hand make up are those make ups with brushes but instead of using brush you just use your hands to put on the make up like if you wanna put some make ups on your cheek you can use your hands to put it.

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    Default Younger looking hands

    wow, never heard of hand makeup. However hands taking a beating during the course of your life and they need TLC too, such as sunscreen and moisturizer. Read my post "The Essential for Beautiful Hands"

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    I use on my hands what I use on my face only more often because they do take a beating throughout the day. Make use you use gloves too when you are doing cleaning so those harsh cleaning products stay away from your hands.

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    I am not sure if I understand the original post, but I use "Show of Hands Herbal Overnight" from Beauticontrol. I just order it from my Rep's website. If you want the link it is [ link under review ] Just search for "show of hands" it should come up. I hope this helps!

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    I feel that using make up on my hands is too much of a hassle - I'd have to reapply to often. Plus, I feel that as long as you have proper manicure and keep you hands moisturized there us no need for make up

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    Default Hand Make-Up

    I generally use calamine lotion in winter for my hand,it is enough for me.Every time when i wash my hand i need to use lotion again.

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