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    Default Latisse: does it really make your eye lashes grow in 16weeks?

    hi everyone.

    i have been hearing a lot about LATISSE, a product to make your eye lashes grow longer i 16weeks, and i am wondering if it really works or not.

    it is $120 and suppose to last for 3-4months. it is really expensive compare to other products for lashes...

    do they really work???

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    wow $120 thats so expensive. I'm not sure if they work..

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    i don't know if they work but i would imagine your lashes wouln't want you to spend $120
    on them. what is in this stuff? gold, silver, platinum? sounds like too much for me.

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    I use Latisse. I had to switch from my old product that I thought was working
    really well. When I'm wearing mascara their is a significant difference in my
    eyelashes. However, I still haven't had the growth that I want yet.

    My girlfriends, on the other hand, who have been using both products (you can't
    buy the first one anymore) are having to trim their eyelashes -- they're so long!
    So, I just think it works but it takes longer than what they say.

    Also, when I first bought the product... I wasn't applying it exactly the way
    I was supposed to. Te person I bought it from never told me to apply it
    right where the hair meets the skin. I thought it said be careful to keep it
    away from that! So, the first 3 months was sort of a waste. I'm
    on the second three months now and I'll keep buying it.

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    You can get other products that work that are less harmful and expensive. I use Lash Extend by SeneGence, safe and natural and only $45, with clinically proven results!

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