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Thread: Stretch Marks?

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    Default Stretch Marks?

    A lot of people said that stretch marks are permanent and you can't get them to disappear, some say there are also special creams for you to put on.

    So, is it possible to get rid of those stretch marks?

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    what can be done with stretchmarks is to lighten the appearance or to tone it up and make it firmer.

    there are people who go for expensive radio frequency treatments that can be costly and gives hot sensation on the skin. There is also galvanic treatments which uses low current energy to treat the skin and make it firmer and make it more toned in appearance.

    as for creams, there's a lot in the market, you have to find one that has proven clinical studies and you have to see if the mechanism of the ingredient will really give the affected area the firmness that you want.

    pls refer to our thread on how to get rid of cellulite for more discussion on this as stretchmarks and cellulites almost have the same issues.

    Hope this helps.

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    I know people try massage lotion to make them go away. Also, I here cocoa butter works but it takes awhile.

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    The bad news is that stretch marks are not completely curable. All the creams available in the market and even the laser treatments only help to lighten their appearance. And the results depend and cary from person to person.

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    stretch marks can only be lighten, not totally be remove.

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    **ANGELICA MASON** Female

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    They can certainly be treated but it would depend upon how you are treating it. I always prefer non-surgical treatments over surgical ones. But even in non-surgical ones, not all work effectively. I can recommend a good hypoallergenic cream, invicible scars. It faded my stretch marks within a month. Also, it would also depend upon the age of your marks. If your marks are old, you would need patience to get rid of them.

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    **zha zha** Female

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    Invicible is good. But diet maintenance is most important to actually fade scars in less time

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    There is a product called BIO OIL and you can get it at walmart and stuff and it fades stretch marks...It works too.

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    **amina** Female

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    I like invicible scars too. It's a good topical for healing scars.

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    I know cocoa butter works well. Try it.

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