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    Default Waxing & Tattoos

    I have very hairy forearms (being a man lol didn't want to alarm anyone there) & I have tattoos, was wondering.. does waxing, depilatory creams etc, cause the tattoo to fade or cause any issues with it & if not, what are the best product to use?

    Thank you in advance x

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    Yea waxing is consider a good method but if used for long time it might fade your tattoos. For better waxing result use soy ( soya ) based cream wax which bonds only to the hair and doesn't stick to the skin.

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    Cool, thank you. It isn't too bad, however it is beginning to annoy me, so will try that suggestion out & report back to see if it works

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    Default hi

    hi waxing does not affect your tattoos if you have that tattoo for long time! because the tattoos will be settled in the second layer of skin! so no problem of waxing! it wont affect your skin!

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    Waxing occurs by way of doing away with hair from the foundation, and exfoliating (or disposing of) the pinnacle layer of the skin known as the epidermis. As tattoos exist in our second layer of skin, the epidermis, waxing doesn't in reality have an effect on the appearance of your ink, if that tattoo is absolutely healed.

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