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Thread: Men and Make Up

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    Default Men and Make Up

    Now this might be a strange question, but we all know that certain brands are doing make up for men. What do you all feel about this? Would you mind if your boyfriend / dad / brother started wearing make up?
    Or if they already do wear make up what are they wearing?
    Dont get me wrong i like my men to take of themselves but im not sure i want a man to take longer then me getting ready.... lol

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    Default Men and Make Up

    If men use limited makeup products then its OK.

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    To me there are two different types of make up use. One is to enhance your natural skin or even your skin tone with subtle application. And the second is noticeable make up, for example thick eyeliner, coloured eyeshadow etc.
    Obviously make up of any kind is acceptable on women, and in most societies on men now too, but to me, and this is 'my' opinion, if it were too obvious my man wore make up I wouldn't like it. If make up is just to hide imperfections or mascara to lengthen eyelashes then, I wouldn't think twice about it. As with women, practice makes perfect and the best kind of make up is the kind that doesn't look like it has been plastered on.

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    I don't not like that men use makeup, i personally don't believe they needed it what needed them is good style, dress up, body language and attitude, these is enough for the men.

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    Default Men and Make Up

    Obviously men also need to look good and for this they also require to use some makeup artist help.There is huge difference between men makeup and women makeup.

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    Being handsome is what a man wants. I dont think men make up is of that kind as girls are.
    I have not seen any one doing it expect films.

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    Personally I would not date or marry a man wearing makeup. It makes them look like women. Even just a little. Men do not need it.

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