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    Why does everything have to use Facebook. I'm so tired of was fun for a while. But it seems every other week they have a privacy issue. It's why I stopped using it a lot. Maybe tha'ts just me. I hate when sites want you to sign in with yoru facebook.

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    Everyone uses FB for different reasons. At first I signed on to keep in touch with family and friends that don't live near me, then I started playing games on it, etc.

    As far as privacy goes I put absolutely nothing on my FB that I don't want others to see. Nothing you put on the internet is absolutely safe so it is best to be careful.

    I agree though, sites should not ask you to sign into your FB as a requirement for their site.

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    Sorry to hear that from you sallyB, but personally I like facebook because not only it connects me my friends and relatives but also it helps me to my online business.

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    Yeah the privacy issue is overatted. And I hate when people complain about privacy ??
    Do you really have anything to hide ?? Its not like you're a celebrity and need space lol

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    I don't think the privacy issue is overrated at all. It is really no ones business what any of us do. Celebrity or not every needs their own space.

    SolidJake, I am sure there is something you have done that you don't want everyone to know.

    As far as FB goes, or any other social network, just don't put anything out there you do not want everyone to see that's all.

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    Agree!!!! We only share things that we wish to share to others and we do private message to selected people that we want to share with. And I love FB it a stress reliever for me.

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    I have done this now, hope I have done it right! Thanks for your help Deepak. I am becoming such a fan of this lovely site.

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