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    I don't know if it has been discussed already, but I absolutely love using epsom salt in my scrubs. (If you want to try it, you'll have to experiment with different brands and package sizes. The average granule size varies dramatically with commercial epsom salts.) I started using them for the muscle relaxation effects, and I'm surprised they work even with a short skin contact time.

    I used to make glycerin based scrubs, but now I make oil & butter emulsified scrubs. Good stuff! And this is a funny little story that I remembered because everyone was talking about coffee scrubs:
    When my sister lived with me after having her first child, she asked me to make her a coffee body scrub for the mornings. She is very much a scent driven person, so I decided on a brown sugar+vanilla eo+coffee combo. The only problem was that we only had INSTANT coffee in the house when I sat down to measure everything. *le gasp*
    I grabbed my keys to run to the store for "real" coffee, but then I suddenly decided that the instant coffee would be kinder to the tub anyhow. So I went ahead and made her the scrub with the above ingredients, in a body of glycerin and vitamin e.
    A few days later, she mentioned that the scrub was losing it's scrubbiness. So I opened the jar and learned something I should have already guessed--instant coffee will completely dissolve in glycerin as if it were water. Lol. How funny!

    So if you:
    -make glycerin based scrubs
    -don't want to spend the money on coffee essential oil to fragrance it
    -and don't mind that instant coffee has slightly less caffeine, antioxidants, etc.
    then this might be a nice alternative for you. It turns into a nice brown/golden liquid. I don't quite recall what brand I used, but as long as there are no added flavors it should be fine.

    I'm personally burnt out on coffee scented scrubs, but I'm just sharing the information in case it's helpful to anyone else. Who knew, right?

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    raw oats (you can chop/blend these in a blender first)
    1 tablespoon of honey
    1 teaspoon of lemon juice
    splash of milk

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    Way to go! Natural Recipes are always good for the skin. Here's mine:

    Mix honey, sea salt and honey. Wash off your skin and apply in a circular motion. Wash off after 10 - 15 minutes. This also reduces pigmentation, scars and acne!

    Oatmeal is an excellent and nourishing option for exfoliation. Oatmeal, honey and lemon juice make an excellent exfoliation pack. For best results, beat the oatmeal in a mixer for a few seconds.

    Alternatively, you can use all natural products like Revitol Skin Exfoliator, or other natural brands that you get in your country. Don't go with cheaper ones, but the ones with good reputation.

    Hope it helps!

    Take Care

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    The most simple exfoliator treatment you can find is a sugar and water solution. Simply soak your face with a warm flannel for a few minutes, before applying the sugar and water solution, and gently massage into your skin before rinsing off. This will do the basic job of gently removing dead skin cells and grime from your skin, combating problems such as spots and acne.

    Another alternative to sugar is sea salt. Whilst sugar is great as a facial exfoliator, sea salt is a little more abrasive and can be used over the entire body, paying particular attention to tough areas such as knees and elbows.

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    I have great exfoliater recipes to make at home for you

    1. olive oil and sugar scrub- mix those together and scrub slow and softly rinse off and your skin wil feel awesome! you can use brown sugar with this to.

    2. milk and sugar scrub- mix the two into a paste and scrub softly on your face use 2% milk. you skin will feel soft, smooth, like a baby's but. you can also use brown sugar with this.

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    I would like to try all these out. Thanks!!

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    I use the combination of sugar and olive oil. It is fantastic to soften your skin and scrub away all of dead cells.

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    Very true, sugar + olive oil leaves skin soft, smooth and dead cells free.... many also suggest brushing with olive oil and sugar helps with cellulite reduction. However, I personally prefer coffee recipe, because it smells and works great .

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    The skin-whether oily, dry or a combination of the two-requires care. From daily cleaning to moisturizing and exfoliation, skin requires special care to stave off the signs of aging, to maintain a youthful glow, and to daily rejuvenate your appearance. You don't have to spend lots of money on expensive facial exfoliators; you can make one at home using a few simple ingredients that already may be in your kitchen cupboard.

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    I love using sea salt and water for an exfoliator.

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