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    Default Aromatherapy Perfume Recipes

    Use the following recipes to create aromatherapy perfumes..

    The following aromatherapy perfume recipes are all used with a 1/3 oz jojoba oil. The amount are all given in drops.

    Woody : 15 cedarwood, 5 sandalwood, 5 rosewood and 2 lemongrass.

    Sweet : 4 neroli, 4 rose, 4 rosewood, 4 sandalwood.

    Refreshing : 10 bergamot, 5 melissa, 10 petitgrain, 5 lemon verbena


    Add the essential oils to jojoba oil drop by drop start by adding the base note, middle note and top notes. If you add top notes first then you'll not smell the top note clearly or understand their effect on the blends.

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    iTS ALWAYS GOOD TO MAKE YOUR OWN scents at least then you know what is in them. I used to buy the plug in scents untill they wiped out the prize fish tank. I'd hate to think what they were doing to my lungs

    Will defo give these recipes a try

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    I am not sure if i realy understand this right. Does the perfume consist of oils only? Don't you mix it with water or something else so that you can spray it? I don't think that would work with a perfume solely made out of oils.

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    Default Aromatherapy Perfume Recipes

    Perfume that smells like clover?
    I dont believe Ive ever heard of it, but will ask the experts here...

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    is it really work ?will have to try it :s

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