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    Default Best hair removal cream?

    What's the best hair removal cream or spray that won't make your hair grow back thicker or darker?

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    i use veet and its the best in town i guess.

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    Nair is the best one for me.

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    Nair stinks a lot don't use it. Go for Veet .It's easy to apply and doesn't have bad smell.
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    Nair have the one with Aloe now and it doesn't stink as bad as you say..

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    I have no luck with the cremes. I have to leave them on forever and it seems hit or miss for them to work. Then my legs seem to get so irritated. Does anyone else have this to happen?

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    Hey veet hair removal cream is very good. My girl friend use veet and her skin is glowing and very soft. She is using veet for more than a year now and I have not seen any single scare on her skin. In short You may go for Veet. It is best.

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    Default Hair removal cream

    Weel be it Nair or Veet, any hair removal cream will result in thick and fast hair re-growth. The best way to get rid of unwanted hair is to wax them. It might hurt the first few times but you'll get use to it in after a few months.

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    here is the list of some creams which you will find effective

    Guinot Night Care: this is a face cream for women only. Women must use this cream after hair removal.

    Hair No More: pain free way to get rid of hair. This cream is for finer areas like unpper lips and the bikini line. It can also be used in thin areas. Now remove hair without razor cuts.

    Veet: it is a hair removal cream which both men and women uses. Women should not cut or shave hair on fines areas. Veet is a good solution, specially for girls / women

    Nads: it is a facial hair remover strip. This is quick solution for busy women. It takes 2 minutes to remove facial hair

    Nair Bikini Bare: some women claim that it is the cheapest hair removal cream. You must have seen advertiement on televesion as well. This comes in two sections, a sachet of hair removal cream and a sachet of finishing/moisturising cream.

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    For me it is Veet, I have used it before and until now Im still using it if I want to. My hair is not thick anymore every time it grows. So I recommend this to you, believe me it really works. I recommended this also to my friend and she told me that she was really satisfied about the result that Veet has given to her.

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