I have been dealing with dry, flaky, itchy skin for 3 years now. I have tried everything. I have been to multiple dermatologists. All the doctors want to do is prescribe topical or oral steroids the first second they hear the word "skin". Steroids do not help, and in fact, make it worse. They have insisted it is just eczema, but I had eczema as a kid and this is completely different. I have also tried everything in the book to treat "eczema. I have switched to all fragrance-free and dermatologist recommended detergents/soaps/shampoos, I take luke-warm showers, moisturize immediately following the shower, I go through 2 lbs of Cereve lotion each month, I wear loose clothing, and I drink about 3 Liters of water every day. I have cut out known inflammatory foods, stop drinking alcohol, and started taking vitamins that help skin. NOTHING WORKS. It is affecting my every day life, I am constantly thinking about my skin, my skin is constantly crawling and flaking. The other thing is that it is not even localized, it is my ENTIRE BODY. My body flakes as if I am shedding my epidermis constantly, my car is covered in skin flakes, I cannot wear black because my clothes become covered in skin flakes. When I take my shirt off, or rub my arms or legs, it looks as if it is snowing.

In addition to the skin problems, I have been experiencing other symptoms which leads me to believe it is something internal and not just my skin. I have been having GI problems, bloating, excessive gas, irregular bowel movements. And most recently, the most concerning thing is I have been having sexual dysfunction.

I recently had some normal labs taken, so as far as I know now, my liver, kidneys, and thyroid are good. Has anyone else experienced something similar?? What could this be?? Please help me! I cannot function like this it is affecting every aspect of my life. The only thing I have come up with is maybe Celiac Disease, or low testosterone. I am not sure. Thanks for your help