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05-05-2018, 12:46 PM
Cancer can affect any part of the body, so it can cause almost any symptom known to man, but here are some signs that might make you suspicious

Weight loss - If you've always been trying to drop a few pounds and suddenly you become successful, especially without trying very hard, this may be a sign of cancer. Even if you're not trying to lose weight, if you start noticing that your pants are getting loose, or you weigh regularly and see that your weight is going down - that needs to be investigated. Often, people feel like they are eating enough, but they have actually started feeling "full" quicker than normal, so if they keep track of their diet, they see that the quantity they're taking in has actually decreased. This phenomenon is called "early satiety".
Pain - we all have aches and pains that come and go, but if you notice one that's there on a regular basis, in the same place, especially if you notice it at night (when there are no distractions) at first, then you start noticing it in the daytime as well - that needs to be investigated. Cancer growing in an organ (especially a bone) can cause pain due to destruction of that organ as it grows - indiscriminately eroding through everything around it.
Any new or unusual symptom that persists and becomes more severe with time - a spot on your skin that doesn't heal, a lump or bump that keeps enlarging (especially in the breast, testicle or lymph node area (neck, armpit, groin)), a neurologic symptom like weakness in one arm or one leg, trouble speaking, trouble with vision, early morning headaches (especially if associated with nausea), bleeding from the rectum or with urination, a persistent cough, coughing up blood, trouble urinating or with passing stool, hoarseness, trouble swallowing...

07-28-2018, 10:42 AM
Indications change generally or they may not happen by any means. A few patients have unusual knocks, unexplained fevers, night sweats or accidental weight reduction.

Most regular composes
Bosom disease
Side effects of bosom disease incorporate an irregularity in the bosom, ridiculous release from the areola and changes in the shape or surface of the areola or bosom.
Prostate growth
Manifestations incorporate trouble with pee, yet once in a while there are no side effects by any stretch of the imagination.
Basal cell growth
This growth normally shows up as a white, waxy knot or a dark colored, flaky fix on sun-uncovered regions, for example, the face and neck.
Indications may incorporate another, unordinary development or an adjustment in a current mole. Melanomas can happen anyplace on the body.
Colon growth
Colorectal growth side effects rely upon the size and area of the disease. Some usually experienced side effects incorporate changes in inside propensities, changes in stool consistency, blood in the stool and stomach inconvenience.
Lung disease
Side effects incorporate a hack (regularly with blood), chest torment, wheezing and weight reduction. These side effects regularly don't show up until the point when the disease is progressed.
Numerous patients with moderate developing sorts of leukemia don't have side effects. Quickly developing sorts of leukemia may cause side effects that incorporate weariness, weight reduction, visit contaminations and simple draining or wounding.
Side effects incorporate expanded lymph hubs, exhaustion and weight reduction.
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